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Friday, 19 August 2011 19:33

Oestfold Conty Council is a member of WHO Healthy Cities and is the editor of Hepro Community.

Oestfold Conty Council’s administration is organized in two directorates, School Administration and Regional Development.

The county council’s main task is to act as a regional developer. This means it is our responsibility to help expand the labour market by stimulating creativity and innovation. We also work to provide businesses with the best possible general conditions.

Regional development consist of

  1. Roads, public transport and business development
  2. Culture and the preservation of cultural monuments
  3. International work
  4. Planning, land use and the environment
  5. Public health
  6. Dental health

For more information about Østfold County Council, click here.

By working closely with the municipalities, Østfold County Council has established a community health programme (the partnership, The Public Health Programme in Oestfold) aimed at improving the general health of the community. The programme has become a national model and adopted by all Norwegian regions. The programme consists of many subprojects trying to improve public health and reduce the gap of social inequalities. All 18 municipalities take part, along with the County Governor, Oestfold University College, Oestfold Hospital and different NGOs.

The public health unit in Oestfold County Council is the secretariat for the partnership and consist of 5 full time officers. In addition comes the project leader for HEPROGRESS (40 %) and a public health politician (50 %).

For more information in Norwegian, read www.ostfoldhelsa.no

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