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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 13:59

Data and descriptions of the health and well-being of citizens are important inputs for policymaking as well as for planning and targeting of health promotion activities. However, for many other indicators, relevant information can only be obtained through surveys in which citizens are directly interviewed.

Questionnaires used in such surveys contain questions about health and well-being, and questions about living conditions, lifestyle and other matters that influence health and well-being. These surveys are often called Health Profiles.

The main focus of the HEPRO survey model is health in its many different manifestations, as defined by the various professional actors in the field, as well as by the citizens themselves or other important actors. Health and well-being comprise physical, mental and social good functioning. Physical and material risk factors influence health, and the various elements interact with each other.

The survey was carried out in 2006, applying the EUROHEPRO survey questionnaire. The conceptual framework, called the HEPRO model, is a broad social, physical and spatial health concept where health and well-being is viewed as something more than just absence of disease and illness. In total, over 45000 people participated.

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