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Sunday, 04 September 2011 16:56
Draft composition, mandate and guidelines for the steering group (to be finalized on the steering group’s meeting on September 16th).

The steering group manages the project within the framework of Norwegian legislation and the EU guidelines for the project. The board is made up of representatives from the following organisations:
  • Østfold County Council, 3 representatives
  • The Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association: 1 representative
  • Amata Municipality, 2 representatives
  • Vidzeme Planning Region, 1 representative
The organisations are themselves responsible for appointing board members and providing them with the required powers.

The steering group is responsible for appointing the project’s chairman and the chairman’s deputy. (To be decided on the steering groups meeting on 16th September 2011.

The board constitutes itself and the project team after receiving the powers from the participating organisations to do this.
Østfold County Council is financially responsible for the project. The board has the main responsibility for the project’s professional aspects. The board deals with the project’s general plans and reports.
  1. torpInger Christin Torp is a member of the steering groupThe board decides the project manager’s mandate, guidelines and powers:
  2. The board decides the reporting routines from the project manager to the board.
  3. The board decides the project team’s mandate.
  4. The steering group shall have a continuous dialogue with the project manager and enable the project manager to execute his function in such a way as to ensure compliance with the project goals.
  5. The members of the steering group shall communicate the board’s signals to the organisations the members belong to. The board members shall ensure that their own organisations follow up their responsibilities and achieve the goals laid down in the project plans, which includes the preparation of emergency plans in case of unforeseen situations (if central project players fall ill, change jobs etc).
  6. The board shall clarify any basic problems relating to the project implementation which might arise in the project period.
  7. The chairman is responsible for providing written notification of steering group meetings and preparing items for the agenda in good time before the meeting. The chairman is responsible for ensuring good lines of communication and routines with the project manager and the board members, which includes ensuring that all relevant information is made available to the members. If relevant, the chairman has the power to summon board meetings at short notice without preparing a written agenda in advance.
  8. In urgent cases requiring quick decisions to comply with EU demands, the chairman is empowered to represent the board. However, the chairman shall always attempt to involve the board.
  9. The project manager is the secretary of the steering group and may involve project support functions in this work. At the board meetings, the project manager has the right to speak and submit proposals.
  10. All the board members have 1 vote.
  11. Board decisions are made by means of a simple majority vote.
  12. In a tie, the chairman has the casting vote.
  13. For For the board to be quorate, at least 4 members and 2 partners must be present.
  14. In order to maintain project progress, the chairman is empowered to delegate decisions in individual matters to the project team in consultation with the project manager.

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