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Sunday, 04 September 2011 18:22

Project team composition, mandate and guidelines

The project team operates within the framework of Norwegian legislation and the EU guidelines for the project. The project team is an arena for information exchange, mutual counselling, case preparation and decision making.

The board is made up of representatives from the following organisations:

Østfold County Council, 3 representatives:
Østfold University College, 2 representatives:
University of Latvia, 2 representatives
The Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association, 1 representative
Amata Municipality, 2 representatives
Vidzeme Planning Region, 1 representative

  1. The project team shall discuss and prepare central questions and matters later to be dealt with by the board.
  2. The project team shall clarify professional questions initiated by the project manager and be an advisory body for the project manager and the board.
  3. The project team shall coordinate the project activities and be an arena for mutual information exchange between the partners.
  4. The project team members shall follow up and ensure the progress of the project implementation in their own organisations and see to it that item 2 of the board’s guidelines are quality assured.
  5. The project team shall ensure that the parties have a common understanding of the project’s goals, routines and methods.
  6. The project team members shall have the opportunity to provide inputs to the agenda before the meetings.
  7. The project manager may invite reference people and support functions to the project team meetings.
  8. In matters where the project team has decision making authority any member may demand that matters be decided by voting. All the members of the project team have 1 vote, and decisions are then made by means of a simple majority vote. In a tie, the chairman has the casting vote. For the project team to be quorate in matters delegated by the board, at least 7 members must be present at the project team meeting.
  9. The project team makes decisions in matters outside the mandate and guidelines of the board and the project manager, or in matters in which the team is assigned responsibility in compliance with item 16 of the guidelines for the steering group.
  10. The project team shall prepare joint project meetings.


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