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Sunday, 04 September 2011 17:11

The partnership consists of 32 partners from the EU and Norway comprising regions, municipalities, scientific institutions and the national co-ordinators for WHO-Healthy Cities. Eight Baltic Sea Region nations - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and the national WHO Healthy Cities Network in Norway and Denmark - are represented in the partnership.

The aim is to create a geographical circle around BSR, encompassing the range of shared experiences in the north, the east, the south and the west, so as to maximise the potential for fruitful exchanges of knowledge, while also creating the potential for more regional clusters of linked partners within an
overall polycentric pattern.

hepro_kartPartners locations

Through HEPRO the toolkit will be made readily accessible for all municipalities and regions in the Baltic Sea Region, provide support for the work and increase general awareness of the public health work, increase knowledge of health conditions and environmental issues with the project participants,
improve co-operation across national borders. Further HEPRO will provide financial advantages in the form of lower costs than if health and environmental investigations had been conducted individually and the project will put emphasize on health and environmental conditions in the spatial planning work.


Management Structure HeproThe strategic management structure consists of lead partner (LP), management team (MA), 2 work packages coordinators (WPC), steering group / partner meeting (SG) and sub networks (SN).

The lead partner shall take care of the practical implementation of the project, such as management functions, recruitment of experts, planning of activities, reporting etc. The LP will establish a contract between the partners, which duly describes responsibilities, project structure, and sharing of risks.

A management team (MA) will be organised by the LP and recruited by the partners. The management team will consist on one overall manager, a financial manager, work packages coordinators (WPC) and representatives from the HEPRO initiative group. These persons will have various geographical locations. The management team will have the responsibility of providing guidelines to the partners about routines and budget issues, to maintain the contact with the Joint Secretariat (JC) and provide milestones
reports from the project.

The Steering Group meets yearly in connection with the annual Hepro conferences. The task is to:

1) Follow the project progress

2) Give recommendations to solutions if any deviation occur from the
activity plan

3) Give acceptance to the yearly project report that shall be presented at the
annual Hepro conference.

The Steering Group consist of key political or administrative representatives, one from each country participating in the HEPRO project. In addition, the Lead Partner will be represented in the Steering Group.

The Sub-networks act as reference groups. The work in WP 1 and 2 will be co-ordinated by the work packages leaders. During the implementation of the various WP´s the WPL must co-operate with the other partners in order to carry out transnational exchange of groups of participants.

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