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Written by Karolina   
Monday, 03 December 2012 09:26

Municipalities, partners in the HEPROGRESS project, are now working towards the development and adoption of the Public Health Strategy 2013-2017. The process is crucial part of the project, but it is also required by the recently updated Latvian law, which calls the local authorities for the greater responsibility over the public health and health promotion issues.

The work on the document was initiated in summer when the training course ‘’Empowerment planning’’ and the workshop on strategy development took place at Amata Municipality in Vidzeme region. The objective of those events was to provide the participants – local decision makers, administrators and public health practitioners - in the theoretical and practical knowledge on empowerment planning, situational leadership and strategy development. During the training the participants learned how to identify the reasons of problems, how to define problems, how to define targeted actions for problem, what are the ways to conduct the problem analysis and finally how to implement the strategy. All those skills are helping now in the preparation of the document.

The strategy will build on the results delivered by HEPROGRESS project, namely by the Health Survey conducted in Vidzeme in spring and summer 2012. The main aims of the strategy are to propose the activities that will improve the region’s public health; to promote healthy lifestyle among the population (especially at-risk-population) and to reduce the social gap in relation to education, social care and health system.

Seven areas of intervention that need to be covered by the strategy were identified. Those are:

  1. Social environment and social capital
  2. Social care
  3. Health care
  4. Education and culture
  5. Territorial planning and housing
  6. Security
  7. Infrastructure.

Now the working group from Vidzeme Planning Region needs to conduct the revision of the activities that are already initiated and which take place. New ideas should certainly be combined with already existing one in order to target action for better achievement of the objectives. Potential partners will be identified and resources allocated.

The strategy should be finalised, presented and adopted by local municipalities in January 2013.

Cover photo by Gunnar Andreas Hjorthaug

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