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Monday, 25 February 2008 13:29

Download the HEPRO questionnaires.

Please observe the terms and conditions for use of the EUROHEPRO questionnaire as outlined below.

If you do not agree with these terms of service, you should not use the EUROHEPRO questionnaire.



HEPRO is a trademark and all materials are copyrighted.

The questionnaire used in EUROHEPRO 2006 – 2007 is translated into eight languages: English, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Russian. 
The questionnaire can be downloaded from www.heproforum.net and is available for free use to any researchers and others who are interested on following terms:

1. When using the results from the survey in reports and other publications, the use of EUROHEPRO questionnaire should be referred to as source.

2. When referring to EUROHEPRO as a source it should also be mentioned that the EUROHEPRO Questionnaire builds upon the HEPRO Survey Model. The questionnaire combines validated and tested questions from other sources according to this model in a unique way. The model is innovative in relations to a traditional epidemiological model, as both health-promoting and positive health indicators are included, and health, environment and culture are viewed in a context.

3.  Reports and other publications using EUROHEPRO should be submitted to the steering group of EUROHEPRO.

I agree to the terms and conditions

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