Our mission

HEPROGRESS raised awareness about health inequalities and built
expertise/knowledge and motivation for change among politicians and administrators.

  • We presented examples of what municipalities and regions in Latvia and Norway could do in practice to prevent the health related marginalisation identified in HEPRO among the age group 45 +.
  • We developed policies on how to reduce health inequalities in Østfold and Vidzeme.
  • We established sustainable actions aiming at reducing health inequalities in Østfold and Vidzeme.
  • We built expertise on social inequalities in health at the University College of Østfold and in the University of Latvia.
  • We encouraged universities and university colleges to influence on policy development and local and regional planning in both Østfold and Vidzeme.

Latest project: HEPROGRESS

HEPROGRESS is a project which contributes to reduce health inequalities.
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