In order for our communities to be sustainable in the future, it was
essential that social inequalities are not too large.

Østfold and Vidzeme faced changes in its population structure with an increasing proportion of elderly people. In addition, many countries, including Latvia, were hard hit by the financial crisis. Norway was not, but Østfold was however one of the regions in Norway with biggest challenges when it came to health inequalities. This forced municipalities and regions to think of their health policies along different lines.

So, why was HEPROGRESS established:

  • A good health and good educational qualifications were important assets for active and gainful access to and participation in the labour market
  • Being physically active helped people staying fit, active and healthy during the whole life, regardless when they started exercising
  • Local community with its policies and strategies played an important role in sustaining equal opportunities on the labour market and in healthy aging?
  • Reducing health inequalities was vital to achieve other political goals, like improving the local and regional economy and established a fair and sustainable society?
  • Health problems among elderly should be prevented already in their early stages of life

Latest project: HEPROGRESS

HEPROGRESS is a project which contributes to reduce health inequalities.
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