The HEPROGRESS project was a joint Latvian-Norwegian response to the growing health inequalities.


  • Marginalisation in work life: HEPROGRESS demonstrated what municipalities and regions in Latvia and Norway could do in practice to prevent the health challenges and risks of social exclusion identified in the previous and recent surveys (2006 and 2011/2012) among the age group 45 +.
  • Healthy and active ageing: HEPROGRESS demonstrated tools to reduce health inequalities by making older people more physical active.
  • School drop outs: HEPROGRESS furthermore documented the level of educational attainment in the young population and the level of drop outs in order to highlight and create awareness of this crucial determinant of health and inequality of health.

Latest project: HEPROGRESS

HEPROGRESS is a project which contributes to reduce health inequalities.
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